Monday, September 9, 2013

Fashion Update… and the Unexpected Benefit

I don’t need to buy fashion magazines to find out the latest.  I have been on a college campus for more than 30 years.  If I want to find out the latest in women’s fashions all I have to do is look around. 
                The first three weekends of the school year is when the sororities at our campus hold “rush.”  During these weekends young women and sororities court (my word) one another until the right girl finds the right sorority and vise verse.  This is where I get my information about the latest fashion trends.  There was the year of the white sun dress, the year of the floral sun dress, the year of the strait, short skirt and the year of the full, short skirt, the strapless year and the halter year, and the year of the black dress… though, really, does the little black dress ever go out of style?
                So this year is that of the uneven hem.  Some of these dresses are subtle, with it being just a little shorter in the front than the back.   But some of them are more dramatic being a mini in the front and a maxi in the back (okay, I know, that really dates me, doesn’t it).  Some of the hemlines are symmetrical in that the shortest part of the skirt is in the middle of the front and the longest in the middle of the back.  But some are not symmetrical. 
                Don’t get me wrong, I think many of these dresses and skirts are really cute, though I haven’t rushed out to buy my own.  But I have thought of one unexpected benefit of this latest in fashion.... 
               Now is a great time to learn how to sew!   
              Just imagine how nice it would be to not worry about getting the hemline even all the way around the skirt.  If the person wanting to learn how to sew would just get started right now, they would be able to get some real practice in hemming a skirt before the trend goes back to being even all the way around!  So, if you have been thinking about learning how to sew, or even if you haven't, hurry up!  This is the time to
get started!

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